A psycho in a cultivation world(-18) Chapter 4: Training and First encounter


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Hell for 2 years

Kai training was absolute hell.It was a mix of constant pain and....Well pain.

Since his body was still extremely weak compared to his soul, he had to train physically all days and night.The real problem was that the training methods that Hera had gave him were way too painful.Fortunately this hellish training had transformed him.His body now could very well be described as the peak of what a normal human body could be.Extremely hard and powerful muscle, an incredible stamina coupled with a strengh that would put most of the weight lifter to shame.

He was pretty proud of his body since he wasn't too big or too thin, but he still had a problem.

Martial arts.

Even though Hera gave him many method of training and most importantly many techniques, he still couldn't do anything good.Why?You might ask.

Because he had nothing to practice on!

He had already reached an impressive level but it was only the theory.He could practice on the beasts of the forest but everytime he tried to battle against one, the beast would just become his pet and enter his mark.

It was truly annoying but he couldn't trully be angered since he now had an army of beasts.What he didn't know yet, was that this army could pretty much destroy a whole sect of powerful cultivator easily.The fact is that the most powerful beasts of the forest had entered the mark while Kai was asleep since they knew he would freak out if he saw them.Every morning he woke up and felt that many beasts had entered without knowing what type of beasts had entered it.

During the first months Kai trained only physically but he quickly reached an important point.After the 5th month he could now cultivate, which according to Hera was a process that allowed him to draw the Qi in his body and then refine it to make him more powerful.He continued to train physically but also added cultivation to his training so that he wouldn't concentrate only on his body.

Due to him having a poweful soul, he could cultivate at a frightening rate which made him have frequent breakthrough.Hera explained him that in this world the cultivators could reach different realms of cultivation, and the those realms were pretty much some sort of ranking system that was used to know how powerful a cultivator was.According to her, the realms were like this:

Mortal realm

Spirit realm

Sky realm

Earth realm

Ascention realm

Heavenly realm

Divine realm

Primordial realm

She said that after the training he had to be atleast at the Peak of the Spirit or he would be too weak.It seemed that she clearly understimated him.

"*YAWN*Been 2 years already huh?HAHA!I'm gonna go to the outside world soon!With how powerful i became i should be able to do whatever i want."Said Kai as he stretched his whole body.

"Oye!Fenrir!Go catch some rabbit for blizzard!"He shouted as Fenrir, a lot bigger than he was two years ago, ran into the forest to catch rabbits.Kai walked towards a sleeping beast and crouched in front of it as he smirked.He brought his mouth to the beast ears and shouted.



The beast growled a little but quickly stopped when it was who shouted.

"HAHA!I hope you're ready cuz' today is fighting day!It told fenrir to catch some rabbit for you, so after you eat i'm gonna beat your ass!"Sais Kai excitedly as the beast began to panic and tremble.Fortunately as if the beast silent prayer had been heard a portal opened and a woman came out of it.

"Huh?Who the fuck are you?"Asked Kai while the woman snorted at the blatant disrespect.

"You may want to apologize desgusting human, it's already a great honor for you to talk to me the princess of-ARGHH!!"The girl didn't even had the time to finish her arrogant speech that a fist hit her in the nose.

"You....YOU BROKE MY NOSE!!"She shouted and turned around to punish Kai but he dissappeared and suddenly she felt a strong hand strangling her, as she was lifted from the ground.


"I don't give a fuck about who you are!To me you are no one if you can't even block or dodge something like that!Next time you want to be arrogant check who you're talking to bitch!"Said Kai as he dropped and showed her his palm, and she immediately gasped.

"T-The mark of Hera, the goddess of beauty!How....How can you have something like that?!Why do you have ten wings?!"Said the woman as Kai saw the mark on her neck, but contrarily to him she had only 4 wings, exactly like blizzard the snow bear.

"Huh?Only four wings?During those years i've understood that the number of wings show how high-ranked a person is.Considering who i am to hera it's not surprising that i have so many wings, which shows how important i am compared to all the other people who have the mark.But seriously only 4?You're either way too weak or not important.It's weird.......You said that you were a princess so you are clearly important but.......Hera told me that princess were strong."Said Kai as the woman's eyes widened.

"You talked to the goddess?!Wait.....Ten wings.....Handsome young man.....Lives in this forest....*Gasp*You-You are Lu Kai?You are the fiance of the goddess Hera?!"Said the woman as she was clearly way too shocked.

"Um....Yeah.How do you know?"

"I-I was tasked by the goddess herself.She allowed me to come to one of her world in order to take you.I'm the only one who know that you are here, but every people in the world know that the one with the ten winged skull mark is Hera's fiance.She announced it to the whole world after the god of beauty Jiao Jieng tried to force himself on her."

"Ah okay......"


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