A One Piece System in a Cultivation World Chapter 5: Night Howling Blade


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Feng Li had a serious problem. Although he could rely on his devil fruit to win a battle, it didn't guarantee that he would win easily. He didn't know if there was any power in this world that was similar to Armament Haki, but the main problem at hand was that he lacked battle experience. To be the leader of the Akatsuki Feng Li expects from the members to be extremely strong and well versed in combat but he himself didn't know anything about it. Sure he has devil fruit powers but he hasn't really used it to much, not even for to much transportation since he wanted to get a good look in this new world.

"Maybe I should just train my One Sword Style for a month or two? I can't use this Gunbai as a weapon for now since I don't have chakra so maybe I should just buy a sword." Feng Li thought as he put the Gunbai in his storage interface.

As Feng Li travels through the forest, he finds a bit further ahead of him that there were a lot of noises you would hear in a busy shopping street.

Feng Li finally arrives outside of the forest but what he saw in front of him amazed him. He saw many carriages with animals and beasts he's never seen before, boats in the sky which were flying just like airplanes. Seeing this, Feng Li went towards the city which was 100 meters away from the forest.

Up close the city was even more amazing. The city stalls had many delicious smelling food which he'd never smelt before, many people with creatively designed robes from their respective sect or clans and stores with unique attractions that all looked tempting to visit.

While looking around curiously, Feng Li noticed that a lot of people were looking at him with weird eyes and some were even looking at him with contempt as if he were insane. Of course someone wearing a weird mask and robe would stand out among all the other people that were walking in the city but it didn't seem to bother him as much Feng Li thought it would.

Although they were looking at Feng Li's robe with contempt and mockery now, in the near future, not one person from royalty to homeless will not know what organization the people who wore this robe would belong to, bringing about fear and respect to all those not only to this one realm, but to all 6 realms.

While walking through the town, ignoring the gazes Feng Li got, he finally came across a place called 'Divine Weapons Pavilion' which seemed to have many weapons from spears to axes to swords with many unique and colorful designs.

"This place should sell a good sword." Feng Li thought as he went into the pavilion.

Seeing that a strange robed masked man came into the building, many people were already on high alert since this place wasn't any ordinary place but a store that belongs to the Imperial Family and someone who dared enter this store masked must not be a simple character because hiding your face in a Imperial store was the same as saying that you didn't think much of them.

"How may I help this esteemed guest?" said a old man that walked up to Feng Li. For some reason, this old man in front of him gave him a strange feeling as if a powerful existence matched by few but quickly dismissed the idea. Why would someone like that work here.

"Ah.. I'm looking for a sword." Feng Li said while trying to process what to say.

"Hm? A sword? May I ask what kind of sword you are looking for?" the old man asked.

"Hmm.. A nice and sharp durable sword. It doesn't have to look all that nice but it does need to have good range and also not too heavy in weight." Feng Li replied.

"Ah, we have just the thing let me get it for you." said the old man

After waiting for a couple minutes, the old man came back with a dark bladed sword with a red handle. It seemed the old man was trying to make the sword match his robe which made him a bit happy.

"This sword is called the 'Night Howling Blade'. Forged with the claws of the Night Howling Wolf, it has incredible sharpness that could even cut through steel as if it was butter and to top it off, even after a years use, it would still keep its sharpness without a single dull spot to be seen." said the old man proud of this creation.

"May I try it?" asked Feng Li.

"Try it? Yes of course would you like me to get a few pieces of scrap metal or woods for you to cut?" the old man asked.

"Yes." Feng Li replied. After testing out the blade, he found that it was exactly as the old man said. It cut through the metal just like butter and was fairly light meeting his demands.

After buying the blade for 1000 gold coins, Feng Li asked the old man

"Hey old man, is there a place with beasts I could train on?"

"Hm.. To kill beasts you should go to that mountain" said the old man while pointing to the direction of where the mountain was. Feng Li didn't doubt the old mans words since the mountain was able to be seen from where they were standing. The mountain looked so big that Mount Everest looked like an infant in front of it.

After leaving the Pavilion, Feng Li went to supply himself with three months worth of food and water before heading towards the mountain.

Seeing that the masked man was buying food across the street, the old man shook his head in disappointment. The reason was because if you reached a certain level of cultivation, food and water would be nothing more than something you would have for the fun of it and seeing a man who dared to go into the pavilion masked, he thought he would at least be stronger than the average man.

Putting the food and water in his storage, Feng Li went straight towards the direction of the mountain in anticipation.
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