A Girl's Unseen Love Story Chapter 1: It's all started with a message


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This is the first day at her new office. After graduating a month back she immediately joined the tier 1 MNC in which she got selected on campus interview when she was in her third year. Today is the day dream came true for her.

She had been waiting for her name to be called. After waiting for a couple of minutes she heard receptionist calling out her name, "Chitra Ram". She got her ID card and access to the office premises. Actually she doesn't know anyone in there, so she sat down in an empty row of an auditorium.

Another girl named Athira, came to her asking "Are you a mallu(Malayali)?. Chitra replied," Yes, I am". Both the girls were very happy that they got a new friend at the very first day. After the induction lecture got over, girls went out for a lunch and tried some new variety of foods to treat their tasting buds.

Officially their training period started now for three months at Hyderabad, Telangana. Both the girls doesn't know Telugu but Chitra knows Tamil since she settled in Tamil Nadu whereas Athira can speak Hindi since her family got settled in Bhilai.

After the office hours both the girls left to get in to their allocated apartments which are next to each other. They are very happy that they're very close so that they can eat and go to the office together. After dinner and sharing each of their family stories, they bid good night and got into their apartment.

Chitra called her parents and told about her day which she usually does from her school days. After the call, she connected to the Internet and checked her Facebook where she got a message from a unknown guy called "Kavin Tom".

Author's Note: Hi Readers,
This is my very first story and I never planned to write one before. Let me know if you like the chapter one so that I could continue writing up this story.

Thank you so much for spending your time reading this chapter.

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