A Dragon Holds No Allegiance Chapter 5: Would You Like Some Candy?


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A pregnant pause arose as even the sounds of nature within the beautiful elven woods seemed to have quieted down out of sheer awkwardness.

Right now the young, currently gathering elf, Leno, could not help but be embarrassed on the child's behalf. But it got even more awkward when the child still laid face first in the grass, seemingly refusing to get up. Were they perhaps just too shy to get up themselves?

As he got up from his crouched position, he approached the fallen child, aiming to help them up as any Good Samaritan should, with no ulterior motives of course...


"Fuck this grass. Fuck these boots. Fuck this overly long cloak. Everything sucks. When I get older, I'm burning this damned forest to the ground. That'll teach em."

Sion, even as a human being, could be considered quite smart- even more so now that he was a dragon. He has well honed instincts and managed to reach a high position in a fortune 500 company through his sheer intelligence and work ethic. But none of these mean he was mature- in fact the complete opposite. He's an egotistical asshole with anger issues; he also basically had no friends or lovers despite his exceedingly well put together appearance and his prestigious position. The only reason Sonia barely ever saw his outright douchiness was because she could suppress him at basically any opportunity with little effort. As long as you are stronger then him, Sion is relatively easy to bully, and borderline harmless.

Right now he was spewing mental vitriol at all things grass related when he heard a unisex voice call out to him-

"Um... are you perhaps hurt? Do you need some help? Are you lost?"

Oh right. That elf guy.

"Stop talking and help me up. You didn't see anything, right?"

"Huh? Oh, haha... Don't worry. I didn't see anything."

Helping him up, Sion turned his face upwards to look at the cheery young elf's face- and saw a very... strange expression.

(...What's up with him? That doesn't seem like the look you should give a kid. Wait. Hold up. Don't tell me-)

"Ehehehe... ahem. Pretty young girl, what are you doing way out here? Do you want some candy? Do you want big brother here to accompany you?"


That's right, Leno has... peculiar tastes. And while it may not seem as bad s it could be at first considering his looks, there is something to remember- elves have long lifespans, and aren't as affected by the ravages of time; as a trade off, their fertility is quite low. As a result, "young" elves can be as old as 50 years old! Despite looking like an 16 year old, good looking young man, Leno was actually 30 years old- a year older then Sion as a human!

Right now, this serene elf with a bright future had a slight blush on his face, after seemingly pulling a comically sized lollipop out of thin air. In fact, this was one of the reasons he was valued so highly by the elder elves- he was incredibly talented in the use of space magic! Though right now, his deviant tastes seemed to have skewed its use in a very benign fashion...

In all honesty, he isn't that bad of a guy- he isn't the type to assault anyone, let alone an innocent child. He's actually quite the stand up citizen, and always tries to help those in need. He's just... a bit creepy and overly strange around cute children.

(Oh my, this girl's looks are unmatched even by the most beautiful elven women; and such long golden hair... I wonder if she will let me touch it?)

"Um, sorry, but I don't take candy from strangers. Or pedophiles. Also, I'm not a girl."

"Oh really? I'm fine with boys too, so don't worry."

(He didn't deny he's a pedophile. I gotta get the hell outta- wait, what am I scared of!? I'm a fucking dragon!)

"In all honesty, I don't really care. Besides, old dudes like yourself shouldn't be hitting on children to begin with. Or dragons, really."

"O-old!? I'm only 30 yea- wait, what?"

And he was promptly lit on fire, before said young dragon regained it's true form and flew away laughing, aiming to land discreetly deeper in the forest, and spread the coming of a dragon among the natives, this time more obviously.

But even as Sion was doing so, he couldn't help but worry... was every elf a creep? Or was he just incredibly unlucky?


"Not only did you try to feed a random child candy again, you have the nerve to say it was a dragon? How stupid do you think I am? You probably just tried to show off to some kid and lit yourself on fire on accident again, you criminal idiot. A dragon has not appeared in their humanoid form in these woods for 200 years- what makes you think"

The speaker here was an exasperated looking elven woman in a plain apron and loose sleepwear- Leno's mother. She was 167 years old, with her husband having gone on a trip around the world to see all it's secrets some 20 year's ago- having left when Leno was around 10 years old. The family didn't fault him for this or anything; in fact, the relation between all of them was very good. Sadly, never would the two have suspected that their child was a complete weirdo when they had him... if he didn't tell them, at least. At the very least, he was a relatively tame weirdo, and children are quite uncommon in the elven woods.

Leno's mother, in comparison to Leno's teenager look, had more of the appearance of a charming, well put together office woman- complete with glasses. She is the one that usually supports Leno in his meetings with the royal family, and his training under their top magic users to fully utilize his talent in space magic.

Currently, she was mending Leno's burned clothing, as well as portioning out the medicinal herbs and mushrooms he had picked up within various baskets.

While she is not as skilled in one type as her son, she can still utilize all other forms of magic besides space besides space, showcasing the prodigious talent she possesses on her own.

"Mother, it truly was a dragon... A very adorable young boy, but also a dragon."

"Child, I wish I could hit you hard enough to fix whatever problems you have in your head."

At these words, Leno stood up from his stool and took on a heroic and stalwart atmosphere, as he raised his fist in the air, and looked at his mother with burning eyes.

"Mother, I have no problems- It is a simple truth of life that CUTE, is JUSTICE! And it isn't my fault that children just so happen to embody this!" He roared with raw emotion.

"If you don't stop talking, I'm going to break a wooden spoon over your back. Now sit still while I retake your measurements."
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