A Dragon Holds No Allegiance Chapter 4: Don't Make a Mess, Ya Hear?


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"This is much better then what I expected!"

"I didn't believe it at first either... I wonder if other dragon's taste the same?"

"...Sonia, please don't look at me like that. You're scaring me."

Two children were currently stuffing their face with raw fire drake flesh. Quite honestly, the small tail, horns, and wings on the kids was the least strange thing about the situation to an outside viewer- not like there was one anyway.

Quite a few of the dominant races believed that the blood of dragonkin could enhance a person's body if they were to bathe in it, and that enhanced health would be granted if their meat was eaten- but that's a total lie. In fact, those widely believed lies were initially spread by the Ancient Dragon of Darkness and Solitude, Drakath, to fuck with idiots. Turns out that in comparison to a dragon from the beginning of history, literally anyone can be considered an idiot- thought that isn't necessarily the fault of the current people's ancestors. After all, why would a nearly transcendent being who regularly interacted with the Gods spend their time lying about the characteristics of their race to everyone for shits and giggles?

Of the oldest and most ancient Prime Dragons, apparently no one liked to deal with Drakath. The Prime Dragon ancestor of all fire dragons and those related to them, Akriloth, apparently had quite the temper and was always incited into a furious rage by Drakath's antics.

But those were stories of long ago- yet Sion couldn't help but feel the times back then were relevant to his supposed time as a dragon he had previously...

While he was lost in thought, Sonia had already finished her portion of the drake, which she 'generously' decided to split half and half. She let out a very unwomanlike burp, before staring at the dazed Sion and his only half finished fire drake portion.

"Oy, nerd. If you aren't gonna eat that, I will."

"Huh!? No way, it's mine! Also stop calling me that."

"No. That aside, I have something important to say, so you better listen, or I'll beat you up."

The threat of physical violence is a pretty good method of encouragement. Sion reluctantly directed his attention away from his daydreams and focused on whatever his belligerent sister had to say as he prepared to finish up the drake meat left.

"I can say that you aren't completely useless after that hunt, even if you can't beat me in a fight. So... I'm gonna leave. Like right about now."

...What. Wait, she's finally gonna leave? That means I get to screw around, slack, and be an asshole again?

"You better not make any messes while I'm gone, ya hear? Cus if you do, I WILL find you. Trust me, you won't be able to run if I want to look for you. Don't go pissing off any people stronger then you or anything. After all, you're still weak."

"...How come even when it sounds like you care about me, you're still making fun of me?"

"It's the love of a big sister. Now see ya around."

"Wait wasn't I born first? And where are you even-"

He didn't even have time to finish his question before she switched back to her full form and took off in a gust of wind, sending hot air directly into Sion's face.

He sat there in silence before standing up with a triumphant cheer!

"I finally get to be as unrestrained as I want! What's the point of being a dragon if I can't even show off!? Forget her warnings, I'm a badass, my own man! And so what if she knows where I am? She can't bully me or beat me up if I just run away- after all, I'm still faster then her! Dragon's gotta be loners, ya know?"

Tossing her warnings to the back of his mind, he whoops once more before taking off in a cheerful fashion to the west, out of these barren lands of fire drakes and other fire attuned creatures- to the direction of the forested, spry, and beautiful elven kingdoms.


Even as Sion flew in one direction looking to engage in mischievous fun, Sonia went the opposite way with a solemn and sad mind.

"My dear brother... Our circumstances made this an inevitability. I care for you deeply, but our close proximity just made things too dangerous. I will deal with this seal, so please stay safe... I will find our damned mother, and make her release this accursed fate that she made us take on for us to be born. And if I find out that anyone is bullying you Sion... I will end them."

If Sion was here, he would undoubtedly remark on the overly serious switch in tone, and wonder what cliched plotline he's missing out on where he can show off and save the day, and also be touched at her caring words- well actually, he'd probably just shrug off the last part. Because he's a dick.


Currently an elf could be seen picking up a variety of herbs and carefully placing them in an organized manner within a variety of multicolored sacks at their waist. Elves are considered the most attractive Order aligned species- which means not including things like the Succubi and Incubi, which are Chaos aligned, and the humanoid form of dragons (of which some dragons also have very attractive forms) which are the definition of Neutral. Even if they were to be measured against each other, the latter two have not appeared in the public eye for over 300 years, so they were far from relevant. While elves can be considered beautiful, there is still a noticeable facial difference between male and female.

Seniority is very important within elf hierarchy; respect for elders is expected, and lack of respect is met with disdain and stigmatization. Young elves are usually are usually assigned tasks such as collecting herbs for use by their people- usually there are small villages for groups of elves. This elf, can be identified as a young one due to both the task they are conducting... and the look of dissatisfaction and annoyance on his ever-so-slightly-identifiable-as male face.

It's not often outsiders get to see an elf with anything other then a serene look as if they are untouched by the woes of the world around them. Quite honestly, it's enough to piss off anyone after a while.

(And here's where I come in- if I don't interact with other races, how will I make them end up in awe of me!?)

At this point, Sion is in humanoid form- this time with actual clothes on.

Of course, since he didn't have any previously, he stole some poor elf's clothes while they were drying- he was currently wearing a green cloak of a fine make and comfortable fabric, with brown boots to hide his conspicuous scaled legs with talons on the end. Thankfully they were able to fit without a problem, though the currently compressed folded wings on his back were a bit of a pain in the ass.

At this point he was able to still ignore it. Instead the excitement at meeting a mystical race was instead the motivating factor that let him be here. He called out to the young male elf-

"Hey, you there!"

The elf quickly turned his head at the sound of a child's call and the sound of footsteps on dewy grass and saw the person the voice seemed to have come from-


-Right as they tripped and fell face first into the grass.
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