A Dragon Holds No Allegiance Chapter 3: Takedown!


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Drakes, despite their relation to dragons, had one major difference between them and their superior kin; they were stupid to the point where they were indistinguishable from a common beast. You would gain an accurate measure of a drakes intelligence through a simple example; take a particularly stupid dog, then bash it's head against a wall to where it suffers from brain damage, rage issues, inability to communicate, and an abysmal memory. Then you'd have a relatively smart drake.

Yet even with a complete lack of social intelligence, a drake is still a fearsome beast, and the bane of many a warrior. Their bodies are that of a dragon's just with more impurities and with eyes of a wild beast's, rather then brimming with intelligence like that of a dragon; their appearance leads to them being easily confused with dragons, drawing undeserved ire toward said dragons when the terrible acts they were accused of were in fact the fault of their incredibly stupid branched off brethren, who get themselves killed quite swiftly as a result; that is one of many reasons that something like an Elder Drake has not appeared for an obscenely long amount of time. Even with all their demerits, they can still throw themselves into battle with wild abandon, and slaughter many creatures in direct combat, before feasting on their flesh and gorging themselves on whatever poor being they thrust themselves upon; they also have no ability to take on a humanoid form, but even if they could, what would they do with it? They can not be tamed either, as many races had found out to their chagrin and resulting suffering...

But this is not really all that important at the current moment. Thankfully for the two young dragons, the drake they are about to confront is only an adolescent drake; but that doesn't mean it should be underestimated. That is still a major growth stage above Sion and Sonia, as quickly seen from its prodigious size in comparison to them. It was just about the size of a monster truck, to stick to car related comparisons. But they have at least one major advantage- they both have something resembling a brain.

Sion rushes forth and roars in the dragons face with Sonia slightly behind him- it was time to bring his speed into play. The body shape and wings of a dragon weren't the most important things to a dragon's flight and speed; instead, it was their innate affinity to magic, which the body shape represents with it's different characteristics. After all, how would something as heavy and unbalanced as a dragon possibly be able to fly with mere wings? They don't have the unique bone structure and excretion method of birds, after all; a lot of things end up dealt with in a mystical manner when it comes to worlds full of might and magic. Even still, the structure of ones wings and sleekness of ones body are helpful when it comes to manipulating mana to maintain flight, which explained the quick flapping Sion used to careen in front of the drake at breakneck speeds.

Startled by the sudden intrusion, the fire drake dropped its prey from it's mouth as it turned to face Sion with confused eyes. The confused look was quickly replaced with an enraged and wild one, as the drake released a distorted roar- one closer to a squawk and a scream then anything- before it rushed at Sion with murderous intention- and did so in quite the high speed.

Dragons, drakes, and other similar races gain greater affinity for magic as they grow older- this is directly in contrast to magical talent showing itself earlier rather then later in most other races. Even something as stupid as the average drake can instinctively control mana, as long as it's in an uncomplicated, offensive manner as it was currently displaying. So even with its larger size, it could still nearly match Sion's speed, and was prepared to crunch on his scales and flesh with jagged teeth- before shortly after getting bowled over by the newly arrived Sonia.

Considering she was completely out of her weight class of a standard young dragon, she wasn't completely knocked out of breath after striking the adolescent drake as one might expect. Her pickup truck size and heavy physical prowess could let her contend for a least a little bit against the drake. In response to the provocation and the pain, the drake let out a scream before turning its head, and bathing Sonia's body in flames! What a terrible occurrence!

...Except not really. The drake, in response to seeing something similar to itself striking it, chose to bathe it in flames. When it lives in an environment where nearly everything is immune to even the most extreme heat- in fact, for most things in these hot lands, it's more comforting then anything. Yet again, a drake exhibits incredible stupidity.

Seeing this, a sense of heat and excitement fills Sion's chest as he darts forward claws outstretched as Sonia grapples with the offguard and stupid drake in midair-

And lands a long cleave across the dragon's body, managed to rip off quite a few scales as his claws manage to puncture a satisfactory hole in the drake's wing!

But while the drake thrashed in pain, it managed to throw off Sonia from it's body, and land a parting blow with the back of its thick foreleg. It didn't inflict much damage, but it did manage to send Sion reeling, leading to him losing a bit of altitude- while initially looking to take advantage of this occurrence to deal real damage to Sion, Sonia came back quick to clamp down on the drake's already punctured wing, leading to another screech in pain.

But this time, before it could throw her off again and divert its attention properly, Sion could manage to recover to a more reactive state. He rushed forth and went up again to bite down on it's neck, even while Sonia managed to grapple, bite, and claw at the beast, causing it to starting falling quickly, even as the drake screamed- and so the two dragons and one drake fell to the ground below.

When they fell, they fell hard- easy to expect considering their combined weight. Funnily enough, this lead to the two dragons only being delighted; since they were on top of the drake when they fell, Sion's body managed to break its neck against the ground, granting an anticlimactic end to the brawl.

The two dragons exchanged glances and nodded; they did well. Though dragons aren't necessarily well known for their cooperative efforts, well managed teamwork this time around secured them a hearty meal- and let them brush up on their skills. Their lives were sure to not be peaceful- the arrogance present within a dragon's very blood and bones was sure to cause trouble... at least now they were confident they could prepare themselves for what may come.
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