A Dragon Holds No Allegiance Chapter 2: Comrades In Claws


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"This place is too damn hot."

(It has been two weeks since my... birth. Yes, my birth. And it is still too damn hot. I'm probably the only dragon in the history of everything to not like how hot it is. It doesn't hurt or anything, it doesn't even feel uncomfortable; it's just that I'm innately aware of how hot it is, and it sucks. This mountainous lava land looking place still looks cool at least.)

His birth was... surprisingly entertaining. Puncturing one's way out of an egg and ripping open the sorta enhanced leathery texture with ones fangs and claws is pretty metal. Also, the shell tasted good, even while he was soaked in barely dried amniotic fluid or whatever. Even more conveniently, he felt innately tuned to his new scalebound body, and felt the wisdom of his ancestors course through his mind- was he some sorta super dragon child, and future dragon king!?

Turns out the answer was- no. His other 'hatchmate' at the time was the exact same. It seemed their was a set of inherited knowledge for each successfully hatched dragon egg- a parting gift from their wayward bound parents, wherever they were. This knowledge didn't even make him look suspicious or stand out among young dragons; one, because all dragons were intelligent at birth, due to their inherited knowledge and instincts, with each of their own personalities; two, because his other potential brothers and sisters were already dead, and because his only surviving sister-

"Oi, Sonia."

"What is it nerd?"

"Don't you think its too hot?"

"Sion, are you stupid? We're fire dragons. Why would it be hot to us? Come on, lets get something to eat."

Was even more of a dick then he was.

His so called sister was named Sonia- the name she chose for herself out of the womb- er, egg. He instead chose the name he had for himself as a human, Sion. It seemed that might have been the name he had when he was a dragon long ago as well, since he felt an innate affinity for it...

Sonia had a much bulkier body in comparison to Sion, despite both being young dragons. She had rigid and distorted scales, that despite their lack of congruity seemed perfect for catching the blades and such of enemies trapped beneath the jagged scales and their grooves. A large spiked jaw could be seen beneath her snout and blazing red eyes; she was about the size of a pick up truck.

Sion instead possessed a much sleeker body that would probably have anything slide right off him (Sonia instead laughed and called him girlish when he attempted to boast about his scale's quality. He sulked for a day afterward.) in contrast to the blade catching ability of Sonia's scales. They seemed to be polished to a mirror's edge, and were quite reflective. Judging from what his inherited knowledge informed him about, this body of his seemed to possess a high resistance against magic, in contrast to Sonia's physical prowess. While he was smaller then Sonia, and less powerful then Sonia, and less smart then Sonia, he was at least faster then Sonia- which meant he could at least run away when he pissed her off. In comparison to her pick up truck size, he was more like a Prius. It also feels pretty bad to be less intelligent then a two week old when he was a 29 year old adult previously, even if said two week old was a dragon. Wait, why did he feel depressed all of a sudden?

Each dragon also possessed the ability to possess something resembling a human form, with varying levels of success depending on the dragon. Currently, despite being only around a week old, they both could assume the form of an age of around a middle school child. Well, as long their legs, tail, and small horns weren't exposed. Maybe it's not the best disguise, but it was something. At least fire dragons looked human, unlike when sea dragons transform- they become literal fish men straight out of Castlevania... But apparently they still find humans, elves, and dwarves that willingly breed with them? But who would be into- never mind, that thought is getting purged.

As all these comparisons and ideas flitted through Sion's head, the 'hunt' was already over.

Both Sion and Sonia were each holding a massive, ugly looking, beady eyed hairless beast within their jaws- it had a long neck and black skin like obsidian. Puncturing said skin would be quite difficult- if it weren't for the fact these creatures known as Gomma were dealing with dragons. The minute the two fire dragons passed overhead, they cowered and waited to die, knowing they had no chance to escape. At the very least, a quick death was granted. While tasty would not be the way they could be described they were at least filling, and not completely repugnant. Rather then staying in their full dragon form to eat their meal, the both of them converted to their humanoid forms; they were not yet at the growth stage where they could just shovel food into their gaping maws; that is something for adolescent dragons, not barely child stage ones like themselves.

Sadly for Sion, the first time his humanoid form was shown, Sonia laughed even harder as he called him a little girl- this time around he couldn't even deny it. If it weren't for the thing between his legs, he would've sworn that he was female. It was not a happy surprise for him when he looked in the pool of water near him when he was born and saw a feminine face, even if he was a child- he mourned the loss of his muscled and handsome body, now that he had... this.

In contrast, Sonia looked like a young middle schooler- though truth be told she looked more like a young prince. The both of them had milky skin, like the looks of a prince and princess; though in this case the gender seemed to be swapped around. She was sure to grow up to be a lady killer...

Oh, and they both were still as naked as the day they were born. Thankfully, Sion seems to have discarded his sense of shame soon after he found out he was still covered in the suspicious egg fluid on every nook and cranny of his body after he was born...

They gorged themselves in silence on the edge of a cliff face overlooking the otherworldy and improbable sight of the lava pools on a black plain before them, even as Sion was monologuing in his head... When the silence was broken by a triumphant screech of a successful hunt that had taken place above them.

The two young dragon's ears twitched and eyes flicked upward in response. Sonia spoke first.

"A fire drake. Lets kill it. And eat it. I heard it tastes good."

"I heard the same. But it seems to be an adolescent... which means its older and stronger then us. Eh, fuck it, lets kill it."

"Of course! We can definitely suppress it; it's nothing but an imitation of our noble blood. Don't be stupid and stay behind me; we'll take it out no problem."

"Calling me stupid? Ya wanna fight you bitch?"

"Sure let's figh-"


"Then shut it, let's go!"

Regaining their dragon forms, they roar in conjunction, and take to the air!
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