A cute story of a boy Chapter 3: We were kids....


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(..5 years ago....)
Jowoon: Hi do you like football?
Ching: Umm.. a little. How, old are you?
Jowoon: I'm 12 and you?
Ching: I'm 11, I'm sorry to ask you, but my mom is very protective about friends..you know.
Jowoon: Oh! its ok my mom sometimes is like that too ugh.I'm playing soccer with my friends if you want you can come.~
Ching: I'm ok here, I prefer playing with my dog BuBu.
Jowoon: That's such a weird cute name hehe...
Ching: Hey...hehehe.
After this, they became really close and played a lot with BuBu and Jowoons friends at the park. But that wasn't going to last because Jowoon was going to Gangnam-gu in a month, because his parents had a business there.
After a month of playing and having fun, Jowoon told Ching that he was going away, and the saddest part is that they started to develop feelings for each other, but they made a promise to get back together and be best friends forever.
But they didn't know that the feeling inside of their hearts was more than just a friendship.
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